Art has always been a strong influence in my life, welcoming me and my twin brother into the world the moment we were born. With a mother who was both an artist and a gallery owner, we grew up in a rich and cultural environment surrounded by great works and colorful people.

After living and working in New Hampshire for 20 years, my family made Bozeman, Montana our home in 2006. Explorations of western Montana drew me to the old weathered trucks and to the farms, fields,and barns along the back roads of my new home state. Vestiges of a different era, I love to share the stories I find in the old metal bones of these trucks in my paintings. My “Vintage Montana” collection invites people to savor the distinct time and place that the trucks and barns evoke – a romantic,simpler time that so many of us long for and long to hold on to.

When you decide to take home one of my pieces, I like to think you take home a part of the romance from the era that I have attempted to capture with paint. I hope you can feel my joy upon seeing these magnificent scenes as I have translated them onto the canvas.

Thank you for visiting my online gallery. My work can also be seen at the Artists’ Gallery at the Emerson Center for the Arts in Bozeman, Montana and at Cello, on Grand Ave in Bozeman. You can also find it at Head West, on Main Street

My work will also be displayed at  The Sola Cafe in October and November of 2010.

I have also displayed my work at the juried Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts, as well as the Holiday Festival of the Arts and the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds Farmers Market in Bozeman. My entry for the Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts poster contest received an Honorable Mention this summer! Visit my blog to see this painting.

Read about my recent interview with Hemmings Classic Car Magazine! http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2010/08/30/a-visit-with-the-truck-lady/

Please visit me at the Made in Montana Marketplace by clicking on this link. http://mtbusiness.tv/2010/04/vintage-art-montana/ Once you get to the mtbusinesstv.com website just arrow over till you find the Vintage Art Montana video).


Call me at 406-600-0500

Call me at 406-600-0500



email me!

email me!




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3 Responses to Home

  1. My wife bought me a hard board reproduction of your painting of an old GMC truck.
    It is turquois with a lot of rust–fence,barn and mountains in the background. Your work has inspired me to collect photos of similar trucks in rural Texas.
    If you know the year model of that truck, I would sure like to know it.
    Also, if I find an especially intersting vehicle, would you consider painting a replica of the photograph?
    We hope to spend several weeks each summer in Bozeman.
    We attended the potato festival in your town this summer. I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  2. truklady says:

    Dear Jan,
    So glad you enjoy your little print! I believe that is a 1937 GMC. I would absolutely love to paint a truck especially for you . I often work from photos. If you care to send me some of your pics, I would really enjoy that!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Creatively Yours,

  3. jody haynes says:

    i love ole cars and trucks cend me some pics….of 67 red mustang 54 chevy truck black 68 3/4 ton blue chevy truck 61 black ford comet car 67 ponitac maroon car

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