New Work


White Barn in the Bridgers

Barn at Ross Peak

I have always been in love with old barns….so I decided to paint some in and around my area….they are both located in the “Springhill” community of Bozeman, Mt. It was around sunset, and the light played on the shapes of the buildings and the mountains and the trees. For my artist heart, this is the most beautiful time of day…….. All three paintings are painted in acrylic on linen, and measure 16” x 20”, $450.00

"Good to the Last Drop"

I found this gem in the same area below the Bridgers….it had an old advertisement for Folger’s Coffee



Homesteader's Dream

I found this homesteaders cabin on top of a hill of sage and the greenest grass lit up by the morning light. It is so amazing to think that this was somebody’s home!  Acrylic on linen, measure 16” x 20”, $450.00.

Silo Dance

Another symbol of the American West to me is the grain silo. They stand out like gorgeous sculptures reflecting the light.

Acrylic on canvas,6” x 20”, $350.00

New! I have been threatening to do some Christmas images for awhile. Finally, I have done it!  These are also available as cards and prints. To purchase, just go to the “Spare Parts” tab and scroll down to the bottom. You can order boxes of 6 cards or 12 cards. Just email me through the contact page to let me know which images you would like.

Snowy Silo



Santa's Comin!



4 Responses to New Work

  1. Karin Caroline says:

    Can you tell me if the Barn at Ross Peak will be displayed somewhere in October? I may be interested in that piece but would like to see it ‘live’. Thanks!

  2. Sandi Ware says:

    I do not see anyplace to order here. I would like to order two boxes of the red truck with Ho ho ho license. Two boxes of the red truck with Santa driving and the wreath on the back. San

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